Unsure About the Company’s Culture? Questions to Ask to Make the Right Decision


You’ve probably heard a lot about company culture and whether or not you’re a good fit for a company or position. But what does that really mean and how do you determine the company culture during the interview process? If it isn’t apparent to you, or even if it is, there are some questions you can ask to help you find out the best information. Here are some things to consider before you next interview to help you get a better understanding.

How often are positions open?

This is an incredibly important question that few candidates think to ask. You want to know the reason this particular position is open as well as the general turnover in the company overall. This will give you a sense of what it’s like to work with this employer and allow you to assess any red flags. It’s different if it is a new position or replacing someone who’s been promoted or left for a non-work related reason than if the position is replacing someone who didn’t work out in the role.

What is the internal process for solving problems?

You also want to get an understanding from them about how they solve problems. Not only is this reflective of the company culture, but it will give you an idea of how it will work with your own personality. You want to know if they address problems as a company or single out individuals as well as if they have procedures or are purely reactionary. Do they handle problems by team or through leadership?

What is the internal hierarchy?

You also want to know how promotions and leadership positions work. Do internal employees get the first shot at new positions higher up the chain? Are there career development programs to help employees find their future potential and to groom people for new roles within the company. Are they willing to help you with your career path and to achieve your goals?

How do employees have access to leadership?

You also want to know what your access to management will be. Is the CEO impossible to connect with or are they hands-on with the entire company? How approachable is your direct supervisor and is there considered a chain of command when it comes to reporting problems or talking about your future with the organization.

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