This LinkedIn Profile Significantly Helps Your Job Search

linkedin-tips-job-search-successYou’ve probably heard people mention that you need to have a solid LinkedIn profile to help your job search. But why? And what is specifically important to include? Your LinkedIn profile is different from your resume, but it should be a living thing that can grow and change as your career evolves. But what do you need to showcase to be sure that employers see what they’re looking for when they find your profile? Here are a few things to consider.

Update your profile heading.

Along with your profile photo, your heading is the first thing people see on LinkedIn. And the default is the title of your most recent job. But don’t leave it like this. You can customize it to reflect what you do or what you want to do. For example, if you’re looking for an administrative support position, type something like, “Administrative professional with 13 years’ experience assisting C-level executives with organization, travel, and more.”

Match your experience to the description.

Like with a resume, you can edit your experience to match the kinds of jobs you’re looking for. Unlike a resume, you really don’t need to do this with every job since that might become confusing as you submit multiple resumes. Instead, make sure that your profile utilizes language that is common in the industry so at a glance, employers can see your familiarity.

Show your transferable skills.

If you’re looking to get into a role that you don’t have specific experience with from the past, be sure to showcase your transferable skills. There are plenty of things you’ve done throughout your career that will translate to a new career. For example, if you want to transition from food service to customer service, pay special attention to the customer aspect of the jobs you did in the past.

Make sure everything is complete.

Finally, when updating LinkedIn, make sure the site indicates that your profile is complete. You want to have a professional headshot as a profile photo. Include your headline, experience, and any other media that can help communicate your professionalism and interest in pursuing a new job. Also be sure to get recommendations from previous co-workers and employers to include. They don’t replace references, but they enhance the message.

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