A Guide to Determining If a New Company Is the Right Fit for You


When you’re looking for your next legal job, it’s important you take everything into consideration before making a decision. Not only do you need to be comfortable with the work you’ll be doing and the overall corporate culture, but there are details beyond simply saying yes that might come into play in the future. Do you want more ways to determine if a new company is the right fit for you? Consider these items as well.

What can you learn by observation?

This starts with research. Learn more about the company and what they do in the community. Check news sources as well as social media. From there, gauge more information at the interview. How do people interact with one another? What can you see in terms of job satisfaction, career advancement, or general enjoyment day-to-day?

Digging deeper into the company.

Now it’s important to dive deeper after your initial impression. Reach out to your network to find out if anyone has any personal experience with the organization. What happened? Continue with your internet research and dig into more details. The more you can determine ahead of time, the more informed your decision will be.

Growth opportunities and lateral moves.

You will also want to find out what this organization offers in terms of advancement. Are there opportunities for growth? In smaller organizations, these changes may seem lateral but what does that mean for the career path? Do people use their jobs from this company as stepping stones?

Salary negotiation techniques.

This will be one of the last steps in the hiring process, but understanding how they handle their salary negotiations will help you make a decision. How do they approach the conversation? How much input do they allow you to give? Are they strict with their budget? Do they put too much emphasis on what you’ve made in the past? Know that if you have any concerns over the way they negotiate salary, you’ll probably find more concerns along the way if you accept the job.

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