Do You Have the Right Skillset and Soft Skills to Become a Care Manager?


Have you been considering a career change? If becoming a care manager is on your radar, you may want to take a closer look at your current skill set and the soft skills it takes to be successful in this role. Care manager positions can vary greatly among specific industries, so it’s important to conduct your own research. Here are some basics that can help get you started as you look into the role more.

What does a care manager do?

This role is, essentially, both a care provider and a supervisor. There are different opportunities for care managers within different medical specialties, but the duties are often the same. A care manager will assess new patients and consult with the healthcare professionals within the facility. A manager may also interact with insurance to determine coverage. On the supervisory level, care managers are often responsible for technology, operations, and manager other members of the team.

General responsibilities.

A care manager will at various times act as the face of the facility for the patients as well as administration. They will need to be comfortable with all aspects of healthcare including patient interaction and working with technology, human resources, billing, insurance, and more.

Required skill sets.

It’s typical for most facilities to require a care manager to have a masters in a field such as public health or business administration to qualify for the job. Some entry-level positions may consider qualified candidates with bachelor’s degrees provided they may already have some healthcare experience in the front or back office. Some may also require additional certifications or licenses based on state requirements.

Expected soft skills.

Since this position is a blend of patient-facing and administration, it’s imperative that care managers bring people skills to the table. Communication, compassion, and organization are all important to bring to the table. Communication isn’t just limited to patients, either. You’ll need to be comfortable talking with other medical professionals, insurance company representatives, and even families.

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