How Is Your Law Firm Sourcing Talent for Specific Niches?


Some industry experts are referring to 2018 as the year of the micro-niche. Just understanding some specializations is no longer enough to make you competitive in the legal market. Today, law firms need to source and hire talent in very specific niches to ensure they are able to serve their client base. For example, it isn’t enough now to have lawyers who specialize in technology, now you need to make sure you have the right experts in data privacy, internet security, and intellectual property law. So how is your law firm sourcing talent for specific niches? Here are some tips to help.

Narrowing down your specific focus.

In the age of micro-niches, it isn’t enough to say you’re a real estate lawyer or a technology lawyer, it’s time to drill down even further. Consult with experts in the upcoming legal evolution to see how you can fine-tune your current offerings to both expand and refocus in the coming years.

Reviewing top talent from global sources.

It isn’t enough to consider talent from your local community. With more and more business being conducted on a global scale, there may be a need to partner with people not only from around the country but also around the world. Look at the ways you can grow to accommodate these needs.

Preparing to offer new services in the future.

While you may not be ready to add these new services today, it’s a helpful exercise to try to get ahead of the market to determine what kinds of services your customers of tomorrow will need. Then you can work with talent to create the right solutions-oriented services to offer.

Partnering with a staffing agency to find talent.

Ultimately, you can work with a staffing agency to help your firm find the top talent you need to effectively work within these micro-niches. They can help you with the latest trends, screen and pre-qualify top talent, and work with you on a short and long-term basis depending on the needs of your firm.

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