What Makes You a Senior Accountant?


If you’re in accounting there are a few ways you can advance your career. One of those titles is Senior Accountant. But what makes you a senior level accountant? What kind of experience do you need to get that title? What will you be doing once you are in a position as a Senior Accountant? Before you focus your job search, or alter your resume, here are a few things you need to know about this role and whether or not it a right for your career.

The main differences between senior and junior accountants.

In general, the difference between these positions is their position in the chain of command. A junior accountant will generally work under a senior accountant and handle the more defined accounting tasks. It is often an entry level position. A senior level accountant is usually the supervisor to the junior roles and will be approaching the financials in a more strategic manner

The role and title often depend on company size.

However, it’s important to note that junior senior positions largely depend on the size of the organization. Larger companies with a more corporate environment will have departments with multiple accounting professionals handling each part of the process along the way. But a smaller organization may only employ one accounting professional who needs to be okay with wearing many hats.

Different tasks that may be required:

  • Tactical: Ultimately, a senior accountant needs to be aware of everyone’s role in the process and make sure each step is being handled and the company is being compliant. This is about following rules and regulations and ensuring the company is in the right financial position.
  • Strategic: But there is also strategy involved in the financial planning and creative thinking to ensure that a company is in the right position for growth in the future. They may consider ways to reduce costs, improve revenue, and increase profits all with an eye toward future success.

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