Care Manager – the Next Career Step for a Social Worker


As our population continues to age, baby-boomers and GenXers are looking at the ways they can better provide care for their aging parents. For many, that means working with a care manager specializing in elder care to help them through the process. A care manager, unlike a healthcare provider, is someone that simply understands how to navigate the system and helps the family find long-term care solutions for their loved ones. This position is often a career step for someone with a background in social work. Here are a few ways you can transition your career to become a care manager.

What does a care manager do?

Care managers assess the needs of their patient’s for both long and short-term medical and occupational needs. They create a program in conjunction with professional caregivers to address the needs. They will also work with the family to ensure that everything is handled properly.

The experience necessary for this role.

Professionals interested in this role need to have at least an associate’s degree or RN. They should also bring experience and education to the table from a related role, such as social work. They’ll also need at least three years’ experience in care management.

Soft skills needed.

A care manager needs the hard skills listed above, but they should also bring some soft skills to the table. You’ll need to have strong skills in communication, observation, coordination, and organization. You’ll need to listen and provide good personal interaction. You will also need to think critically and keep good records.

Median salary levels.

We always recommend that medical professionals use online tools like to determine the salary range for the position in your area. But it appears that this position is likely to earn an average of $66,000 per year of the professional is also an RN. Always consult with an expert before developing your plan for negotiating salary with a potential employer.

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