More Technology Doesn’t Mean Eliminating Touch Points. How Can You Maintain Communication with a Client?


The main challenge when it comes to implementing technology into your accounting firm’s day-to-day processes is ensuring that the client themselves don’t get lost in the process. They are reliant on your levels of communication, skills, and professionalism when it comes to getting the job done effectively and efficiently. But added technology can enhance rather than inhibit this for your firm. Here’s how to add more technology and still maintain communication with your clients.

Focus on client services.

When looking at new tech for your firm, always keep in mind the result for the end user. How does this enhance your ability to communicate with your clients? While client interactions were once exclusively face-to-face, the advancement of email and now even text has changed that. But this also means that accounting professionals have to evolve in how they use these tools to communicate.

Increased reliance on mobile technology.

Where new forms of accounting technology can really enhance the business and client touch points is the ability to be mobile. More than ever, accountants can have the flexibility to visit clients on site and still be able to access the necessary information in the cloud without the added step of discovering information and transferring it to another location. This can increase client communications and create a better way to interact.

Reliance on social media.

But technology isn’t limited to accounting software or smart devices. Today, many accounting professionals are turning to social media to increase their virtual face time with clients. Social media can help increase client satisfaction and help attract new clients who are looking for financial professionals exclusively online. Social media can help establish trust, which is an essential component when it comes to working with money.

Automation and efficiency.

While you need to use technology in a smart way to increase your client interaction, it can also help you decrease the need for additional busy work and time-consuming activities. Relying on automation for repetitive tasks and easy to handle projects can allow you more time for customer interaction, and ultimately, satisfaction. This technology will also allow you to maintain communication from anywhere to anyone, increasing your efficiency.

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