4 Ways Increased Training and Mentoring Keeps New Attorneys Longer


Onboarding is a big subject across all industries. And when a field comes with a reputation of being stressful, like the law, it’s important that managers have systems in place to retain top legal talent. If you want to know the best ways to improve retention in your law firm, there is great news. Onboarding and other career advancement methods can help keep new lawyers happier from the start. Here are four ways you can increase training to keep new attorneys happy and engaged on the job.

Continuing education.

Yes, your new lawyers have probably just graduated from law school. That means they’ve spent the last several years of their life preparing for the LSAT, exams, and then the bar exam. But that doesn’t mean they should just stop learning once they’ve found a job. There will always be new things in the law, so help them continually improve their worth by continuing their education.

Career development.

Beyond just learning new things, you want to make sure your new lawyers know you are invested in their career. You didn’t just hire them to do the work you didn’t want to do. You want them to build their depth of knowledge. Determine what it is they want to do with their career and help them achieve their goals.

Mentoring activities.

One of the most important things a new lawyer will get from their first jobs is the ability to work with experienced lawyers. Focus on this to make sure you’re keeping your new lawyers engaged. You and your more seasoned team can work directly with new lawyers to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Local alumni club.

Law school isn’t just a means to an end. It can provide lifelong relationships that will help lawyers in their career at any point along the way. Encourage your new lawyers to collaborate with the alumni club in your local area. No matter where they went to school, there is likely to be a representative population in your community.

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