5 Ways to Start the Job Search Fresh in 2019


Every new year brings with it a new promise of success. What can you do to ensure that 2019 is a stellar year for you and your career? Before we even flip the calendar over to January, there are some things you can do to make the year a great one. Here are just five ways you can start your job search fresh in 2019.

Refresh your cover letter.

Your cover letter, even more than your resume, is the first impression a company gets from you. While every cover letter should be customized for the specific position, you can keep templates on file to speed up the process when you’re applying. But take a closer look and see if there are any things you want to add that will impress a potential employer. For example, update any relevant data or examples of your work.

Update your resume.

Of course, if you’re working on your cover letter you should also take a closer look at your resume. Is it relevant for what you’re seeking this coming year? Do you have enough accomplishments with data included on it? Companies like to see real information about how you succeeded in past positions, to take a minute to update it to reflect what you’ve done.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is a tool that can help you land a new job. Even if you never use it to network, though you should, it will be a place where a recruiter or hiring manager goes to review your profile before talking to you more. Keep it current. This can also act as a living resume to help you update your file from time to time.

Create an online presence.

Being online is a good idea. So besides using LinkedIn for networking, what other ways can you showcase what you’ve done? Creating a website is a good first step. You should buy your own domain name before someone else does. You can create a portfolio site and an online resume. You can also start a blog to position yourself as a subject matter expert. Also, create social media for yourself, companies are using Facebook and Twitter now to connect with potential employees.

Have a fresh new attitude.

Lastly, take another look at your overall attitude. A positive attitude goes a long way to finding a new job. Companies want to work with people who bring good feelings to a job site, not baggage from previous jobs. Even if you have some negative feelings about a previous employer, don’t bring them up in your interviews. Confidence and positivity will be huge factors in your success.

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