How Can You Learn About Artificial Intelligence to Help Your Legal Career?



The world is evolving, and that is true for the legal profession as well. No matter when you started your journey to a law career or where you are in the process now, new technology is influencing the industry a great deal. You may not have thought about it much, but artificial intelligence is impacting the work that lawyers do. From household assistants to mega-computers like IBM’s Watson, AI is changing the way we approach all aspects of our lives. Here are a few ways AI is working within the legal industry and how learning about it can help your career.

Assisting with Document Review

Document review is a big part of a lot of legal work, but it can be time-consuming. Machine learning is a great way to allow AI to take over this task. The system can review documents much faster than the human eye and learn what phrases or information you need to collect and flag it for you, making your job easier in the long run.

Analyzing Contracts

Similarly, analyzing contracts to assess risk or determine red flags is also essential but time-consuming. AI can do this for you and flag all of the items you’ll need to review and address in a closer fashion. They can do this work in bulk, taking a lot of time off the process.

Conducting Legal Research

Legal automation is already the norm as lawyers utilize Lexis or Westlaw systems for their legal research. But AI, such as IBM’s Watson, can take this to the next level by searching relevant cases and providing real-time feedback. This can cut days or weeks out of the typical research process.

Predicting the Results

Prediction is a big part of what a lawyer does. You need to assess whether or not you can win a case or how much it will cost. And lawyers with more experience are better at this prediction game. But AI can help lawyers at all levels run scenarios to determine whether or not a case is worth the investment of time or money.

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