What Does a Telehealth Nurse Do?


Telemedicine is one of the top new trends in healthcare today. The service is intended to help individuals with non-emergency challenges and can open provider services up to people who are unable to drive, live in remote areas, or struggle with anxiety in relation to doctor visits. In this trend, new jobs are being created including telehealth nursing. So what do telehealth nurses do day to day and what does that mean for the industry?

What is telehealth nursing?

Telehealth nursing is the use of remote technology to provide medical advice to patients without an in-person examination. This means you would need the right equipment, such as web cams, voice-over-IP technology, and a good internet connection.

Where can you work?

Because of the remote nature of telehealth, nurses working in this space can work from anywhere. They only need to be available during the hours of operation for their parent organization.

How is telehealth effective?

Telehealth is effective for a number of reasons. It can be good for individuals unable to travel for simple medical diagnoses. Or for those in remote areas. It is also a great solution to those who might have anxiety issues in regards to seeing medical professionals.

How do you become a telehealth nurse?

Telehealth is overseen by medical providers, so working with an organization that offers it is a good first step. Most places don’t require special licensing for telehealth specifically, but you may need licenses to practice in multiple areas.

What are the standards of care?

It’s very important that nurses practicing remotely comply with standards of care and safety established by the ANA. The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nurses and the American Nurses Association have these standards of care available.

What are the legal requirements?

While there aren’t separate specific requirements for telehealth providers, it’s imperative that nurses working in this space comply with medical privacy and HIPAA requirements. Patient confidentiality is a critical component to this and any medical consultation.

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