How Is Your Company Hiring for Electronic Discovery Jobs?


In today’s digitally connected world, it’s no wonder that the Federal Rules of Civil Procure was amended to allow lawyers to use electronic information like email, instant messages, voicemail, and data on phones or tablets in litigation. This data is called Electronically Stored Information or ESI and the discovery is known as electronic discovery. Since ESI is so common today, companies need to make sure they’re prepared for electronic discover when the need arises. Here are some things you should consider when hiring for electronic discovery jobs.

Strong Communication Skills

While there are certainly hard skills required for an e-discovery position, you should also look at a couple of their soft skills. In all cases, someone with a strong sense of communication is essential. This person will be collaborating with lawyers and companies so you want to assess their in-person skills as well as their ability to communicate over the phone or via email.

Background in Data Management

Understanding e-discovery software is important, but so is understanding how data is stored and accesses at a corporate level. Someone who brings these skills to the table will have a better chance of understanding what’s at stake when it comes to discovering the most important information. There are a variety of job titles to look for such as project manager or database administrator.

Ability to Solve Problems

E-discovery is a technical role and with it comes a certain level of problem-solving. There may be things that are difficult to find. Or that you need to know how to search not just one string of information but parallel strings of information. And being able to think critically about these will important to success.

Subject Matter Expert

Lastly, you want someone who understands electronic discovery inside and out. That they have worked with the major players in e-discovery software and understand how it works from the ground up. It is also helpful to have someone with a legal background who already knows the pitfalls of data discovery.

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