Top Tips for Job Seekers from 2018


Every year, we curate the best possible content for job seekers in the Washington DC, NoVA and MD areas. We wanted to take some time to review the information we shared in 2018 to recap the year and move into 2019 on a positive note. Each post provides valuable, real work advice that can help you in your job search. Here are some of the things our readers found most useful over the last year.

Red Flags Recruiters Want to Avoid

To avoid red flags in your job search, it’s important to know what the top red flags are for recruiters. Knowledge is power and you can avoid these issues if you know about them ahead of time. In this post, we discuss inconsistent interviewing, being critical of former employers, inability to follow through, and constant rescheduling meetings. (There’s also a bonus infographic!)

How to Get an Employer to Respond

Job seekers are often frustrated by the radio silence from employers during a job search. But there are some things you can to do make sure a potential employer takes notice and responds to you. We suggest asking for a follow up at the conclusion of the interview, sending thank you notes both through email and the post office, and following up after their stated timeline for making a decision.

Tips for Returning to a Job Search.

For job seekers just returning to the job after some time, there are some things that may be helpful to note. We discuss recent changes to the job search including transparency about the experience, the use of social media to review you as a candidate, the need to take tests for your skills, and the use of video interviews.

Choosing the Best Company Culture

Companies often talk about hiring for fit, but what does that mean for a job seeker? You’re able to assess a company culture as well and ensure that you will be a good fit in their environment. This post shares the questions that you can ask in an interview to help uncover this information.

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