Nurse Manager Leadership Depends on Choosing the Right Nurses for Other Leadership Roles


As a nurse manager, you have a responsibility for the smooth operation of your department. But there are other aspects of leadership you need to consider, and hiring good leaders for the rest of your team is just as critical. So how do you choose the right employees who exhibit leadership qualities to work on your nursing team?

Employee Development

To be an effective leader, you need to foster leadership skills in your other employees. Invest in employee development to improve their overall skills as well a see which of them have the capability of taking on leadership roles in the future.

Training and development will give you a good insight into the mindset of your team. You’ll see the leaders emerge from the pack versus those who just want to keep their heads down and not rock the boat.

Establish Goals

Once you’ve identified the leaders in your team, establish goals to help them continue to grow in their leadership role. Assign them the lead on projects or specific aspects of your department so you can give them the right objectives to reach.

Track these goals and make sure you’re providing positive reinforcement and recognition for achieving them on the job.

Improve Organization

You also want to give them the tools they need to stay organized in their new leadership roles. Don’t be afraid of new technology if it can be the key to moving to the next level. Good organizational processes might start at your level, but they can blossom under your employees.

If you provide a good framework, give your leaders latitude to push the ideas forward to create an even more successful program.

Boost Career Satisfaction

Focusing on the employees who are willing to step forward and become leaders also fosters their career satisfaction. Recognize their input, accept their feedback, and display gratitude for their continued hard work.When your other employees see the positive attention their co-workers receive for doing good work, it will also improve morale and performance across the board.

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