Want to Make a Difference in the Legal Industry? Become an Expert in Environmental and Green Law


When people attend law school, they’re given an opportunity to check out a variety of clinics and internships to better determine what it is they want to do with their careers. Other legal professionals, such as paralegals, may not have the same access to these programs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take matters into your own hand and build a specialization. Being a legal support professional focusing on environmental and green law can give you a road map for your career. Here are just a few ways you can become an expert.

Learn About Climate Change

To become an expert in environmental issues, start with climate change. What is it, what are the causes, and what is science currently saying? How is our environment affected by greenhouse gases and global warming? A background in the science of climate change will allow you to assist the attorneys you work with throughout your career.

There is a lot of information about climate change, but be sure to start with vetted and informative scientific sources to avoid traps of misinformation.

Dive into Clean Technology

Next, take a look at the clean technology to help you advise your employer about these issues in environmental cases.

Clean technology is an object or service that can reduce negative environmental impacts, specifically through energy efficiency improvements in common technological tools.

Renewable energy, electric cars, and gray water reclamation systems are just a few of the advancements being made. And organizations are encouraged to manage their carbon assets.

Get Involved in Your Community

Another way to demonstrate your interest and expertise in environmental activism is to get involved in the community. Volunteer with local organizations that do work in the green space. This will be a great resume builder as you look for legal jobs in the sector.

Organizations are always looking for interested individuals to help them out in specialized ways. Look for opportunities that benefit the service as well as your future goals.

Network in Environmental Law

You should also be networking for any career change. Attend events in the environmental law space and meet lawyers and other support staff that can help you find your next opportunity.

You can also apply with a staffing agency that specializes in legal placements in the DC area. They can help you find environmental law firms looking for administrative, paralegal, and other support help.

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