Complaining at Work Is Holding Back Your Accounting Career


Did you know that too much complaining actually changes your brain chemistry? It’s been shown that when you focus on the negative, your brain begins to process incoming data differently. If you find yourself complaining at work, it may be affecting more than just the way you think. It could be holding back your career. Why does complaining negatively affect you and everyone around you? Here are some of the ways it’s keeping you from achieving your goals.

You Gain a Bad Reputation

If you are the big complainer in your accounting firm, you’ll quickly gain a reputation among your co-workers that will spread to potential clients. The things people say about you is sometimes more important than any amount of experience or education.

Positivity, however, is contagious. If you’re willing to see the bright side of things rather than taking the opportunity to complain, more people will want to work with you.

Hesitance to Partner With You

What you may not realize after you’ve established yourself as the accountant who complains all the time, is this will affect how others choose to work with you. In many cases, they may not choose to work with you at all. Or if they do, they may write off some of the things you say as sour grapes and not resolve real issues. This can be a huge problem in an industry that often relies on outside clients.

Even if you work in a corporate accounting job, a negative attitude will affect how the management team and others in your organization will approach you to get things done.

It’s Not Too Late

Know that a negative attitude and constant complaining is not a permanent situation. While your turnaround doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, you can take some of the lessons from Jacob Marley and the three ghosts to ensure that you’re not dwelling on the wrong things.

If you find that your negative attitude is costing you the ability to work with others, it’s high time to reassess.

Focus on Positive Energy

To do that, focus on the positive. Any time you feel the urge to complain, stop yourself and consider the alternatives. Consider the solutions to a problem rather than focusing only on the problem itself. Find the positive even in negative situations.

When you begin to act in a more positive way, you’ll find that people are excited to work with you. The change will be instant and dramatic.

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