What Nurses Want Is Changing – Is Your Healthcare Facility Prepared?


The landscape of the American workplace is changing rapidly. The world that our parents knew is long gone and companies need to adjust to working with the newest workforce, client demands, and social factors. This is very much the case in medical environments and for nurses. If you hire nursing staff, have you considered what nurses want in the modern workplace? Here are some things to consider.

Flexible Schedules

Many younger workers are very interested in a flexible workplace. But you know that nurses can’t exactly work from home, so you’ll need to work with the system in place to offer more flexible working solutions.

The best way to facilitate more flexible work schedules is to schedule in advance and take time off requests and preferences into account. It’s also helpful to get to know your employees to see what they want or need in terms of hours. You can also permit shift swapping and keep track of specifically busy times.

Career Engagement

Nurses today are also very determined to have career engagement. Burnout has always been a factor in the nursing field with the high-stress levels for the job itself. But new nurses are looking at ways to counter this by focusing on the engagement of the job.

Nurse managers should also make this a direct focus of their job. Engaging your nursing team with additional training, responsibilities, and more will help them feel more a part of the team.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Along the same lines, it’s important that your nurses feel appreciated for the work they do. There was a time when management just assumed a basic level of performance was inherent in the job description. And while competence remains a key aspect of success, people want to know they’re recognized for their work

Be willing to stay thank you. Appreciate what your nursing staff does for you every day as well as when they go above and beyond.

Work to Live, not Live to Work

Today’s nurses also eschew the previous generation’s ideals for their careers. There was a time when many professionals had a live-to-work mentality where work was the pinnacle of their day-to-day experience.

With a stronger emphasis on work/life balance, younger and new nurses are much more interested in a work-to-live philosophy. The work they do facilitates the things they choose to do when away from work, rather than the other way around.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

In order to find top talent in today’s pool of professional nurses, it’s okay to seek help from trained recruiters who understand the needs of medical facilities. Partnering with a staffing agency and allowing them to promote your culture will attract nurses to your door.

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