Legal Job Growth Is Stalling – How Can You Find Top Talent?

It may sound impossible, but job growth within the legal industry is stalling. How can you find top talent for your law firm? Before you start attending law school hiring events and placing ads online for legal assistants or paralegals, there are a few things you should know. What kind of non-traditional ways can you find top legal talent in your area? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Passive Candidates

In the world of recruiting there are two kinds of candidates. Active candidates are those currently looking for a new job, networking, and submitting their resume to job openings. Passive candidates are those who are working and not actively looking for a job.

But passive candidates aren’t necessarily out of the job market. You just have to know how to reach them and what to offer to make them interested in changing jobs. Get to know what they want and make your firm an exciting place to work.


You probably focus your marketing entirely on bringing clients through your door. And this is an important part of the work you do. But can your marketing also help you hire new legal staff? It can, even without making any changes.

When you market your services, you’re also marketing your company’s values and ideals. You want to say to potential candidates that you are a place they want to work because you’re doing good things for your clients.


Job candidates are always told that networking is an important part of their job search. For top candidates to network effectively, they need to have professional counterparts from law firms and organizations attend these events too.

Make a habit of attending networking events in your community. These can be alumni events, local organizations, and community events. You’re never too busy to network.

Non-Traditional Candidates

One last place to look for top talent is to target the non-traditional candidates for your open jobs. All big law firms go through law schools to bring in students for internships, externships, and summer jobs. But what if you’re missing out on some great talent?

There may be some non-traditional candidates on the market. For example, older law students may not want to work for the same big international firms as their younger classmates and would rather focus on local organizations doing good work. Or you may find legal assistants outside of the law field all together by sourcing through other avenues.

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