Tips To Excel As A Legal Secretary

You have the skills it takes to be a successful legal secretary. So why is it hard to find a new position within a law firm or corporate environment? Being skilled and experienced isn’t the only thing that organizations look for when making hiring decisions. How can you set yourself apart by being more than just a good secretary? Here are a few tips to help you excel.

Perform Reliably

Your entire role as a legal secretary is to support the attorney you work with, so reliability is one of the most important traits you can bring to the table. But how do you demonstrate that you’re reliable before you get the job? Set yourself apart from your competition, show how you’ve been reliable in the past. How have you worked above and beyond to ensure the professionals you supported were able to work smoothly and efficiently?

Take Initiative

You’ve probably heard the term “self-starter” before. It’s a common refrain that employers use when looking for someone willing to take the initiative. Most importantly, you need to be able to anticipate the needs of the people you’re working with daily. Don’t wait for instructions; do what needs to get done. If you can demonstrate this during the interview process, it’ll go a long way to proving that you’re the best candidate for the job.

Be Efficient

Efficiency is also vital when working in a legal environment. Saving money is always a top priority, and the person who can work efficiently enough to translate to cost savings will be very valuable indeed. The important part is to do efficient work without sacrificing quality.

Practice Discretion

The legal profession is built on privacy, which means every lawyer is trusted with very private information. You, as a legal support professional, will be trusted with a lot of this information, which means you need to have a good sense of discretion. This includes not talking about this sensitive information with people outside of the office, including your friends and family.

Show Compassion

As the legal support professional in your law office, you may be the first face a potential client sees. For them to trust the attorneys they will be working with, they also need to trust you. Compassion is the first step to building a foundation for a good client relationship. Show that you’re someone who truly connects with the people who walk through your doors in times of distress.

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