Key Strategies For Onboarding Healthcare Talent

Did you know, according to a recent survey by BambooHR, 15% of new employees leave within the first three months? That can be devastating to your practice when you’re trying to maintain quality patient care and productivity. What can you do to ensure that your top talent doesn’t leave within those first crucial months? Here are some key strategies for improving your onboarding processes and retain top talent after you hire them.

Change the Way You Approach Paperwork

It can take a lot of paperwork to onboard a new employee. The number of forms they have to fill out goes well beyond the standard W4 and I-9. You likely have a ton of compliance forms that need to be completed, as well. Paperwork is inevitable, but there may be different ways to approach the process to make it easier for your new team member. Consider digitizing this process and allowing them access to the forms at home or take home the paperwork to bring in on their first day.

Focus on Employee Care

You want your healthcare employees to focus on patient care, but you should also lead by example and show that employee care is equally as valuable for you. You can do this by consistently reinforcing your core values throughout the onboarding process. Use storytelling to communicate your position better and break up the intensity of their training experience.

Make Onboarding Standard

It can feel like everyone who comes into your workplace needs a different level of onboarding, and it helps to have a standardized process. This way, everyone, from doctors to entry-level employees, understands the values and expectations of your organization right from the start. When onboarding is standard, everyone also feels an equal part of the process, and no one person is elevated, so they’re looked at as untouchable by the team.

Offer and Receive Feedback

Your onboarding experience should never be written in stone. Throughout the process, as you bring new people in, make sure you’re asking for feedback from them. How can you improve the process for others joining the team? You should also be comfortable providing feedback to new employees. If you wait until their 30- or 90-day review, you may have already lost their interest in improving.

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