Law Firm Leadership Vs. Management

Did you know there is a difference between “boss” and “leader?” Not all managers are great leaders, but your law firm needs someone in a strong position of leadership to flourish. So how can you be the leader your firm needs? Here are some tips to help you improve your leadership skills and get the most out of your team.

Articulate a Shared Vision

When you’re a leader, you can motivate your staff based on your shared vision. What are you all working toward? What are your core values? How can you communicate that and reinforce it regularly? When you can communicate this to your team, you’ll be viewed as a strong leader able to encourage high performance.

Empower Other Attorneys and Staff

A “boss” often manages through an abuse of power. They bully their team, thinking that’s the only way to get something done. However, a leader is someone who can empower the other attorneys and staff in the firm. You can delegate and encourage others to make decisions based on their specific expertise.

Value Problem Solving Skills

Every aspect of legal work is a problem that needs to be solved. You need to know what parts of the puzzle need to come together to give you and your client the best possible outcome. To do this, encourage your team to use their problem-solving skills in creative ways. Then, be sure to acknowledge and appreciate the work that’s being done.

Coach and Develop Others

A leader is also someone who builds up the people around them. They give them the tools they need to improve their skills and advance in their knowledge. “Bosses” will often shy away from this because they view personal development as competition. But a leader knows that everyone is stronger when they are all growing.

Make Communication a Priority

Lastly, a strong leader will always make communication a top priority. When your team is kept in the dark, not only will things fall through the cracks, but the employee confidence in the work you’re doing will flounder. Keep people in the loop, practice effective communication, and always allow others to provide feedback to you as well.

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