The Payroll Career Path, What Lies Ahead

Do you think a specialized accounting career in payroll is a great fit for you? This role is essential in all companies, and even smaller organizations might use payroll services specifically to help them with their needs. It’s an in-demand skill, and you can fill that role with your expertise. What do you need to know about a career path in payroll? Here are some of the jobs you can consider.

Payroll Clerk

A payroll clerk is someone who handles all of the minutiae of the payroll process. They may collect timesheets, process tax forms, review time cards and get supervisor approval, and process garnishments and deductions. They may also handle things like commissions and vacation time and process the weekly paychecks for employees. They will also need to be able to communicate with management and run payroll reports.

Payroll Administrator or Coordinator

Similar to a clerk, a payroll administrator will also handle all of the tax processes and, specifically, the legal compliance surrounding payroll and taxes. Mistakes in taxes can cost companies a lot of money and make employees very frustrated. They will handle all of the processes involved in payroll as well as specific reporting and coordinating with the management team and individual departments.

Payroll Data Analyst

A data analyst is someone who can take the reports generated through the payroll process and ensure that everything is on track. For example, a payroll data analyst will be responsible for preparing payroll audits to ensure that processes are being followed and everything is on track. They may also review other data, such as garnishments and tax information, to guarantee the company is compliant.

Payroll Manager

While there is a fair amount of overlap in different types of payroll positions, a payroll manager will always have additional authority. They will update payroll records, review and approve changes, process insurance coverage, and savings deductions. They will also update job titles and department transfers. They will also oversee the distribution of paychecks and direct deposits.

Payroll Supervisor

A payroll supervisor has an oversight role in the administration of the entire payroll process. They ensure that employees receive accurate and timely paychecks. As with all of these roles, a payroll supervisor needs strong math and technology experience. In most cases, a payroll supervisor will need a degree in finance, and some companies may require a certification process.

Do you think a career in payroll is right for you? 

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