A Look at Administrative Salaries in 2020

Do you know what to expect in terms of salary for administrative jobs in 2020? What changed, and what hasn’t throughout the DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas? If you’re in the market for various clerical or administrative jobs, it’s helpful to do some research about potential salary ranges before you apply for a new job. And when you get an offer, you’ll be in a better position for negotiation. Here’s what we’ve found for the area.


Types of Administrative Jobs

Just like any other job title or category, there are a lot of things that will fall under the heading Administrative. Standard job titles for administrative professionals include Administrative Assistant, Administrative Specialists, Executive Assistant, and Support Specialist. Some specialized jobs also fall under administrative support, including medical or legal secretaries.


Administrative Salaries in D.C.

If you’re looking for administrative positions in D.C., what are the salary ranges you can expect? There are entry-level and advanced opportunities, much of the salary will depend on the position as well as the experience you bring to the table. It’s always encouraged to review salary sites like Salary.com to learn more details. For an entry-level administrative job, the salary range can be anywhere between $30,000 to $50,000 annually. For more advanced positions, the median can be around $75,000.


Office Salaries in Northern Virginia

Salaries are often dependent on the specific location, and while the NoVa area is tied closely to D.C. proper, salaries may be slightly different. An Administrative Specialist in Arlington, for instance, may earn a median salary of around $57,000. A mid-level administrative assistant in Richmond may make around $47,000. It’s best to take a look at the specific type of administrative job and your area to determine how you want to approach salary negotiations in your job search.


Clerical Salaries in Maryland

For clerical and other office roles in Maryland, we compared the salaries in a few of the cities closest to D.C. An entry-level admin can make around $46,000, but a more advanced administrative assistant with senior-level experience could earn closer to $64,000 annually. It’s also important to note that many entry-level clerical positions will begin on an hourly pay basis, and it would be beneficial to gain experience through working with a staffing agency.


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