Things You MUST Include on Your Healthcare Resume

You don’t think writing a resume is fun? Well, you may be right. But it doesn’t have to be a chore either. There are ways to improve your healthcare resume and make the entire process far more engaging and exciting for you. Here are several of the things you must include on your healthcare resume and how to get there in the most pleasant way possible.

Include Your Credentials

The most important thing any medical hiring manager is looking for is the credentials required for the safe performance of the job. Make sure you list your applicable credentials on your resume, so they’re easy to find when quickly scanned. Of course, the credentials listed needed to be up to date and easily verifiable during the background check.

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Of course, no one is successful based on credentials alone. Think about any job opening as a problem that needs to be solved. Your job, as the job seeker, is to be the solution to that problem. Consider how you helped your previous employers be successful and communicate that on your resume in terms of your career accomplishments.

Show, Don’t Tell

Resumes shouldn’t be a laundry list of skills and jobs. They need to tell a story. That doesn’t mean you write your resume like you would a novel, but you should be sharing your skills in a way that demonstrates your proficiency. Rather than saying you have experience in cardiac care, for example, talk about the impact that your work there had on patients, families, and other care providers.

Share Transferable Skills

Sometimes you might not think you have the exact experience necessary for the job. But you probably do, they’re just transferable skills. Transferable skills are things you’ve done in other jobs that aren’t exact to the experience but very similar and can be interpreted as a helpful or useful skill to have. For instance, if you’re looking for an administrative position within a medical environment, talk about your previous administrative experience in other environments, including appointment setting and customer care.

Contact Information

Finally, and it may seem basic, but don’t forget to include your contact information on the resume. If you’ve been using the same resume for a while, ensure that your information is up to date. Check the email address and phone number are current and accurate. Too many candidates lose out on jobs because hiring managers can’t get a hold of them.

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