Your Accounting Career: Investing in Yourself for Big Returns

Accounting, as you know, is all about numbers. And all about the money it takes to make the world go ‘round. As an accounting professional, it helps to invest in yourself and your developing career. But how can you do that without spending a lot of money? Here are some investments you can make for big returns in your career.

Find a Mentor

One of the best things you can do for your career at any stage is to find a mentor. Talk to accounting professionals who have traveled a similar path to reach their goals. Most people are very open to having conversations about their experience to help you gain insight. You can also learn from their mistakes. And a mentor can remain with you throughout your career, or you can find other people better suited to your specific place.

Read Books

Books are also a great place to learn new things. You can even save money by joining your local library and checking out books there rather than buying them. Libraries today also have digital books to lend, so if you prefer ebooks, you can still get them for free. But even if you buy a book, the cost is minimal, and the investment worth it.

Take on Side Jobs

Have you considered doing some gig work or temporary work? Not only can you gain new skills, but you can earn some additional money to put toward the future of your career. Consider applying with a local staffing agency to take short term assignments.


Networking is a useful skill that everyone can benefit from, including those in accounting. Challenge yourself to get out and meet new people at mixers or industry networking events. For example, your community may host chamber of commerce mixers where you can meet other accounting professionals or connect with individuals or small businesses in need of accounting services.

Improve Your Resume

Finally, take some time to improve your resume. Even if you are currently working, it’s easier to edit your resume as you go than to try to do it all at once when you need it most. LinkedIn is a great tool that can work as a living resume. Update it whenever you improve your skills so you can always look back at it when you need to update your formal resume.

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