Building a Supportive Environment for your Emergency Room Team

Your ER department team is one of the most important groups in your hospital. That was true before and even more true today in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. While right now we may all be in survival mode, trying to make it through this crisis and flatten the curve, we do need to consider the way our workplace supports our ER employees. Here are some tips to make your team feel welcome, supported, valued, and respected.

Culture of Positivity

While an emergency room is generally handling various levels of trauma, it’s also important to recognize that the overarching culture will play a part in both the patient and employee experience. Without abandoning the seriousness of the work you do, work on creating a positive culture that will give everyone the boost they need throughout the day.

Enhanced Communication

Communication in emergencies is exceptionally critical. Each employee knows they need to be clear and direct about everything. As management, you should be as well. Make sure that you are communicating effectively with your team about all aspects of the work everyone is doing.


To that end, you also need to provide transparency in your ER department. Don’t hide things or keep your doctors, nurses, and other support staff in the dark on significant policies or things that could directly affect what they do every day. Be open, honest, and candid in all aspects of the business to improve employee morale.


You want your ER staff to practice empathy for patients who come through your doors. It’s also essential that you provide empathy for your team as well. Nurses, for example, have a high rate of burnout, and when they feel like their employer doesn’t care about them, their wellbeing, or their personal lives, they will become distanced and dissatisfied.


Finally, always reward your staff for doing their jobs well. Recognize team members who go above and beyond their day to day duties. But don’t only thank them when they’ve done something extra. Build a culture of gratitude that shows your staff you appreciate their contribution every day and that they’re a valuable member of the team.

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