The 411 on the CPA Exam

Have you thought about taking the CPA exam? This certification will offer you more opportunities as an accounting professional. But where do you even start? Despite everything going on in the country today, personal career development is one of the things you can do while you’re staying indoors. In this post, we will look at some of the general requirements of the CPA exam and provide you with free resources to prepare for CPA exam questions at home.

What Does the CPA Exam Provide?

In general, CPAs work with large and small public accounting firms. They consult with businesses and individuals on many financial issues including taxes and accounting. In essence, a CPA can be a trusted advisor to help individuals or groups, like businesses or organizations, prepare their finances, and reach their goals.

Check Your Eligibility

Before you fill out your application to sit for the CPA exam, do some homework to determine if you’re eligible. If you’re not, you could be wasting your time starting the process. You will have to look at the requirements for your state, but most require a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting. Your degree should also include the required courses and credit hours. Only after you’ve reviewed the requirements and matched it with your education can you start the application process.

Send Your Transcripts into State Board

Your state board will also require you to submit your transcripts before filling out the formal application. They will need to see everything you’ve done at a college level. That means if you only took two semesters at a community college before going back to school for accounting at a university, you still need to submit everything.

Submit Application and Pay Fees

Now, you can complete the application. And, like anything else, this step will require you to pay the necessary fees. Each state will be different, so check with them to see the actual cost. However, most states are around $150 to apply to take the CPA exam. It’s important to note that you’re only able to apply and take the exam in only one state at a time.

Get Authorization and Notice to Schedule

Next, you’ll receive the Authorization to Test or ATT. This document allows you to sign up for the CPA exam in your state. Once you receive it, you have 90 days, so you need to determine which section of the exam you will want to take. And now there will be another set of fees for the exam sections. There are four sections, so the total cost may be around $1200 depending on your state. And don’t sign up for all of the sections at once. After you apply for the sections, you’ll get a notice to schedule in the mail. This is the document that allows you to sit for the exam.

Resources to Prepare for the Exam

While you can sign up for paid courses to prepare for the exam, there are some free resources as well. Start here to learn more.

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