Qualities Every Nurse Practitioner Needs to Get Hired

While the world is reeling from the effects of COVID-19, healthcare workers are on the frontlines. And even though hiring managers might be in survival mode right now, there will always be a need to hire the best healthcare talent available. As a nurse practitioner, what can you bring to the table to get hired? Here are the qualities that hiring managers are looking for in skilled nurse practitioners today and every day.

Physical and Mental Endurance

This role is not easy on any level. Not only do you have to have the physical endurance to be on your feet throughout most of your workday, but you may also have to handle some heavy lifting. Nurse practitioners also need to pay special attention to their mental wellbeing. Healthcare is hard, especially when working with patients. Learning healthy ways to handle stress will be paramount.

Great Communication Skills

A nurse practitioner will be working with patients, administrators, support staff, doctors, and even members of the community. That means you need to bring strong communication skills to the table. You need to be able to communicate with people at all levels in person, over the phone, and electronically effectively.

Patience with Patients

Patients can push the limits of patience. Empathy is essential. Know that when you’re working with a patient, they can be stressed and scared and are not always their best self. They rely on you to be the rock, even if they don’t always treat you with respect. Put yourself in their shoes.

A Caring Nature

To that end, you need to come into the role with a caring nature. While you can be firm and even stern at various points, it’s also vital that you are sympathetic, caring, and a good listener. This may not be a skill that can be learned. A caring nature may be intuitive and part of someone’s core personality.

A Supportive and Encouraging Attitude

It’s also important to approach your job with a positive, supportive, and encouraging attitude. Even when things are serious, they don’t need to be dire. You may need to be forceful, but you don’t have to be aggressive. Your job is to put someone at ease, so they are comfortable enough to do the hard work.

Strong Sense of Responsibility

A nurse practitioner is also someone willing to rake responsibility for their actions. What you do every day will dramatically and instantly impact someone else’s life. You must take your job very seriously and make responsible choices.

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