4 Medical Office Assistant Careers

Not every healthcare career is clinical. If you’ve ever thought about working in healthcare but don’t want to be a nurse or a doctor or see patients directly, there are other options. And it goes beyond medical receptionist, though that is also a valid career path. What are other non-clinical medical careers out there? If you’re thinking of a medical office assistant position, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the most common career paths available in a healthcare office.

Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is an essential part of our healthcare industry. Billing professionals use medical records to generate billing to patients from the healthcare provider. Throughout the process, specific codes are used for different procedures and diagnoses, so attention to detail is essential. Medical billing and coding can be done after completing a degree program.

Record Keeping

Medical record keeping is done to ensure that the insurance company reimburses for the medical provider’s services. A medical records technician tracks all aspects of the patient’s medical history and the care they’ve received. Accuracy and quality of the data are essential to ensure that the reimbursements are correct. Most employers do want formal training such as an associate’s degree, to consider you for hire.


If you like the experience of being in a medical office but don’t want to provide patient care, medical receptionists will always be essential to the healthcare workplace. They handle all the daily administration within a medical office for the doctors and patients, including patient communication both on the phone and in person. They schedule all appointments, answer questions, and make sure the office is stocked and organized.

Office Manager

A medical office manager coordinates the roles of everyone else within the medical office. They coordinate staff and activities daily to ensure that patient care is the top priority. They may do this through record keeping, scheduling, and general organization. Their job interacts with almost every other aspect of the medical office environment but does not include direct patient care.

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