How You Can Help Your RN’s Cope With The COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything. There is added stress and overwhelm in everyone’s daily lives, and no one has experienced that more than the front-line medical workers in hospitals and clinics all over the country. Your RNs may be experiencing an increase in both job demands and stress levels. How can you help your team cope? Here are a few things you can do starting today.

Provide Resources for Mental Health

Stress and burnout for nurses have never been a joke, but the added uncertainty around the COVID-19 crisis has changed the landscape completely. Employers need to offer whatever resources they can to help their nursing staff cope with everything that is happening, especially since they are on the front lines of critical patient care. Look into the options available through your healthcare organization and insurance provider.

Encourage Physical Activity

Studies show that physical activity can help reduce stress, but many busy and overwhelmed nurses don’t think they can find the time to exercise. Make it a priority. Give your employees a chance to go outside and walk or take advantage of other safe physical activities both at the job and when they’re at home.

Take PTO Seriously

Personal time off feels like a luxury when a huge crisis like COVID-19 is weighing heavily. Emergency rooms and critical care units are often understaffed and overwhelmed. But that’s more of a reason to take personal time off seriously. Not only do you need to be concerned that your nurses feel safe taking time off for their physical health, but you also need them to be able to take time off for their mental health as well.

Increase Your Hiring Process

It may also help take the pressure off your staff if you can bring in additional support or temporary nurses. Additional staff may feel excessive, but if it makes the difference between providing good quality healthcare to all patients and experiencing higher levels of nurse burnout and overwhelm, it may be your best solution.

Do You Need Additional Healthcare Staff?

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