Applying For Entry Level Accounting Jobs? Stand Out!

There is a lot of baggage tied up in the term “entry-level.” Many job seekers see these roles as low paying, but that isn’t always the case. Entry-level jobs in accounting open doors to advancement, and everyone needs to build their skills to achieve their goals. So how can you apply to an entry-level accounting job and land it? Here are a few tips to stand out.

Focus on Your Accounting Skills

Any employer wants to know that you’re capable of handling the job at hand. What are your accounting skills? If you’ve just graduated from school, be sure to indicate the subjects you focused on or excelled in while at college. Be sure to match your skills with the specific requirements of the job. Employers will take only a few seconds to scan a resume and determine if they want to contact you, so make sure these skills are easy to find.

Showcase Your Soft Skills

Of course, there is more to success than just skills with accounting. You also want to showcase your soft skills. These are the skills that are more intangible and inherent to your personality. For example, you may want to emphasize that you have excellent communication skills and work well as a team. But rather than just saying it, show the employer how you used these skills to succeed on projects in the past.

Highlight All Previous Experience

Even if you don’t have a lot, or any, professional accounting experience, you can still highlight what you’ve done in the past. Consider every place you’ve had experience with accounting. Maybe it as an internship while in school or volunteer work you did over the summer. Maybe you had experience within the accounting department of a previous employer, which is what led you to pursue a degree in accounting. Make sure to include everything.

Work with a Staffing Agency

You also want to have the best possible advantage to find your entry-level accounting opportunity. This is why working with a staffing agency can give you a leg up. Staffing services specializing in entry-level accounting positions will have an established network and know about new jobs often before the public hears. You want to be first in line for consideration.

Do You Want to Stand out for an Entry-level Accounting job?

Call NRI Accounting Staffing or apply online; we are currently looking to fill entry-level accounting positions across DC, Virginia, and Maryland.


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