Getting Hired as a Legal Assistant: Essential Skills for Your Resume

Are you looking for a job as a legal assistant? Working within a law firm, big or small, can be a lucrative career with interesting work, career satisfaction, and security. But what do employers look for when they’re hiring legal assistants? Here are the things you can bring to the table to put you ahead of your competition when applying for your next legal assistant job.

Technology Skills

You need to have strong skills with basic office technology, including the computer system used, internet searches, and Microsoft Office products. Beyond these basics, you will also need to have an aptitude for learning whatever legal technology the firm uses. Some lawyers would rather their legal assistants be hands-on with the technology so they don’t have to spend hours learning it themselves.

Communication Skills

As a legal assistant, you will be communicating with several different types of people. You will have to effectively communicate with the lawyers in your firm, along with outside lawyers. You will also be responsible for communicating with clients and may even field basic informative calls from people reaching out to the law office for more information.

Writing Expertise

Legal assistants will need strong writing experience. You’ll need to understand the basics of professional writing and possibly even some details bout legal writing to assist the attorneys in the practice. Writing may happen in emails, letters, and even basic legal documents that the attorney will then review.

Attention to Detail

Throughout all of this, every aspect of your job as a legal assistant will be reliant on your attention to detail. The law is all about the fine detail, so you’ll need to discern information and keep things organized to ensure that all of the work you do is accurate and nothing falls through the cracks.

Basic Legal Understanding

A legal assistant is different from a paralegal, who may do legal work under a lawyer’s supervision. But your career will be enhanced by having a basic understanding of legal principles. Before you begin your career as a legal assistant, it may be useful to take a few classes to understand these concepts and use them throughout your career.

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