Alternative Careers for Lawyers: What to Do When You Quit the Law (or Are Struggling to Find Legal Work)

Graduating from law school is an undeniable achievement. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who becomes a lawyer loves the industry. If you’ve considered your options outside of big law or any law firm for that matter, you have a few things to think about. If you are struggling to find work as a lawyer in Maryland or you think you might want to quit law altogether, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Law School Career Counselor

For some lawyers, getting back to where it all began can be a refreshing change of pace. It’s not that you dislike the practice of law, it’s that it may not have felt like a natural fit for you. You may find yourself better suited to work within a university context helping others determine what it is they want to do after law school.

Regulatory Advocate

It may be that your career takes a slightly different turn than that of a traditional lawyer. A regulatory attorney will help corporate clients follow regulations that are relevant to their specific industry. The duties will involve advising clients on their business rather than practicing law. They may also analyze laws and regulations and assist in legal matters.

Non-Profit Consultant

Similarly, you may offer your legal expertise to assist non-profit organizations to maintain compliance with the law without actually performing as their attorney. As a consultant, you can work with multiple organizations to advise them on the best practices and help them succeed. This can be very rewarding if your primary goal is to be of service.

Legal Publishing

Some former lawyers choose publishing as the place they want to expend their energy. Research and writing is an essential part of many law careers, but you can also focus on just that aspect if you would rather be behind the scenes. Reading, researching, and writing will all be skills you’ll need to focus on to make a career in legal publishing.

Legal Education

To bring it back around again, some former attorneys thrive in the law school environment as professors. Other aspects go hand-in-hand, such as legal research and writing, but if what you crave is the interaction with students then becoming a law school professor may be a great fit. You can start as a visiting assistant professor or engage in fellowships.

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