What Customer Service Skills Should You Bring To Your Admin Career in 2021?

There are a lot of aspects of being a successful administrative assistant. You need to have good communication, good organizational skills, and be competent with technology. But there may be one skill set that you’ve overlooked in your administrative career. Customer service is also a part of administrative support. What customer service skills should you bring to your admin job in 2021? Here are some things to consider.

Active Listening

As with a customer service position, an administrative assistant needs to truly hear what the other party is requesting. If you jump to conclusions or make assumptions, you may find yourself completely missing the point of the discussion. Don’t allow yourself to zone out. Practice honing-in to hear what the other person is saying. Test yourself by repeating it back to them to make sure you’ve heard correctly.


In business, attitude makes all the difference. You’ve heard the advice for customer service representatives to smile when they answer the phone. It’s been demonstrated that the caller on the other end of the line can hear the positivity in voices when people smile, which can help defuse difficult situations immediately. A positive attitude in the office can be contagious among coworkers as well.

Handling Difficult People

Everyone comes across situations that are difficult to handle. An admin may think that pleasing people is not in their job description, but ensuring people get what they need is. If someone approaches you with a poor attitude, don’t let yourself get caught up in the drama. Instead, respond with empathy and understanding and you’ll help them without ruining your day.


There are as many kinds of administrative assistants as there are people in the world. And some industries require a little more care than others. Confidentiality is important when working as a legal administrative assistant, but discerning how to handle confidential information can be critical for any admin role.

Follow Up

Of course, one of the most important customer service skills is also a skill every administrative professional should have. The ability to follow up. While you may believe that your job is done when you complete a project, it’s always good to check in with your boss or your coworkers to make sure they have everything they need.

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