How To Master The Art of Remote Onboarding

Onboarding new remote employees is not an easy thing, but it’s essential to get right. What kind of insight should employers and hiring managers have on how to improve the process and ensure new employees thrive outside an office? There are a few ways you can streamline this experience by using the tools and other resources available. Here are some things to consider.

Online Paperwork

Paperwork is one of the most challenging aspects of onboarding remote employees. Even if your employees aren’t remote, uncomplicating their paperwork will be a benefit to everyone. One of the biggest issues with remote work is how to handle the onboarding paperwork. There are alternatives to asking employees to come into the office, wear a mask, and maintain physical distance. New hire documents, including tax forms, can be fully electronic documents with e-signatures.

Provide Technology

If a new employee is working from home, you need to make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed. If they were in the office, you would provide a computer, a phone, and other office supplies.  Some companies provide a laptop and cell phones. Some will also give their employees a wi-fi hotspot and a login for a secure VPN. Remote access to the company intranet and improve video and collaborative resources are also necessary.

Virtual Team Meeting

The workplace has always been a source of social interaction. When offices transitioned to virtual spaces, your employees can feel isolated. This is magnified if they’re new and can’t fully integrate into the team. Host a video conference to introduce a new employee to the team. They can also get to know one another through collaborative communication tools such as Slack.

Regular Check-Ins

Even if you’re working remotely, checking in with your new team member is essential. They need feedback to know they’re doing the job well and to make any necessary adjustments before they develop bad habits. They should also get positive reinforcement for a job well done. Touch base regularly with email, video calls, or phone calls.

Create a Staffing Partnership

Another way to handle the entire onboarding process is to partner with a local staffing agency. Staffing services will do all of the pre-employment legwork for you. The screen and interview all potential candidates before you make the selection. They can also handle the onboarding process including paperwork. This means all you need to do is welcome the new employee to your team.

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