The Qualifications Virginia Employers Want To See On A Legal Assistant Resume

Are you interested in getting your foot into the legal field in Virginia? There are several possible avenues to take if you want a career in law. One such position is a legal assistant. The term legal assistant is often used interchangeably with a paralegal, but there are a few differences. Legal assistants handle work in word processing software, file, ensure proper record keeping, answer the phone, take messages, and prepare bills for clients. They may also assist with assembling legal filings. For someone with a background in administrative support, the transferable skills are already there. So what are the top qualifications to become a legal assistant?

Comfort Level with Technology

The legal field is always in a state of change.  Access to internet tools, including online meetings and even court dates, is becoming normal. Legal assistants will need to have a comfort level with technology, including legal research, online communication tools, and organizational apps and software.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is also essential for a legal assistant. In this role, you would be communicating with individuals from all across the spectrum. From other lawyers and legal assistants to potential clients and members of the public. You also need to communicate with your team effectively to ensure everything is handled effectively and efficiently.

Data Entry Accuracy

Accuracy of information is also critical for legal assistants. There will be a variety of data entry projects from small to large scale, but everything needs to be perfect. You have to bring the ability to transcribe the information accurately to ensure that no mistakes are made that could become a major roadblock in the future.

Organizational Skills

Legal work often relies on precision. You need to be organized both physically and mentally. Calendar and time management are important aspects to ensure deadlines are reached, and things don’t fall through the cracks. But filing and other office organization needs remain a top priority as well.


Keeping information secure and confidential is also an essential component of legal work. Even if you transition your career from another administrative support role into a legal environment, it’s important to know the right level of confidentiality. Lawyer’s clients trust that their information is secure and safe with their legal team.

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