Company Values Matter When You’re on The Job Hunt In DC

If you’re on an administrative job hunt in Washington, DC you’ve probably considered a lot of things. You want a good pay rate and job duties that engage you. But there is so much more to a great job than just the money and the work. Companies’ values also matter when you’re on the hunt for a new job. There are a lot of things to consider, from the environment to the mission and everything in between. Here are a few things to consider when you’re searching for your next job with employment agencies in Washington DC.

Management Style

Knowing yourself will be the key to landing the right job. You have to understand how you respond to various management styles and see opportunities that match. That doesn’t mean other management styles are bad; they’re just not a good fit for your working method. So ask yourself what kind of manager you like to work with. Do you want someone who is hands-off? Do you want someone who is collaborative? Do you want someone who will provide specific instructions?

Values Match

You also want to consider your values and whether they match the mission and vision of the company. If you don’t feel good about the work you’re doing, or the company you’re doing it for, you will quickly realize this wasn’t a good match. Make a checklist of your core values that will help you match them up to the companies you’re interviewing.

COVID-19 Response

There’s a new consideration we hadn’t focused on in the past. It may also be useful to see how the company responded in the face of a crisis. What kind of company would you have wanted to work for when the pandemic hit? What did they do to make things safe and healthy for their employees? What are they keeping as a part of their corporate culture moving forward?

Team Building

In more conventional employment, you spend more time each day with your coworkers than you do with your immediate family. While things may have shifted with many companies transitioning to remote work, and some still embracing it even as things start to go back to normal slowly, you still want to know how the company integrates their teams. How do they encourage working together, communication, or collaborating?

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