Mastering The Virtual Interview

2020 ushered in a brave new world for job seekers and hiring managers. As organizations transitioned to virtual work, they also had to adjust their hiring processes to incorporate more remote tools. That means the virtual interview is becoming a significant part of job searches in the future. If you’re unfamiliar with virtual interviews, here’s a guide that can help set you apart from your competition.

Learn the Platform

Now, more than ever, you can’t just wing an interview. Once the virtual interview is scheduled, be sure to find out more about the platform the company uses. There are several options, including Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. Before the interview, download any necessary platforms and test it, so you know it is in good working order.

Schedule Appropriately

When asked when you want to schedule an interview, you may be tempted to say “right away.” You’re eager to find a new job, but rushing into an interview can mean you miss important information before the meeting. Give yourself a little time to work out the technology, plan around the meeting, and research the company. You also want to refresh your memory by rereading your resume, so you’re prepared to answer questions.

Understand the Dress Code

Virtual meetings can feel more casual than their in-person counterparts, but they’re not. You may not think your dress code is important, but it is for two reasons. First, it allows the potential employee to see that you’re taking their company culture seriously. Second, it puts you in the right mindset for doing an interview. Think of it as a uniform. Do your research ahead of time to find out what the typical dress code is at the office. You can even ask when setting up the meeting.

Eliminate Distractions

One thing that people get wrong in this new world of online meetings is forgetting to eliminate distractions. We understand it can be hard, and so does your potential employer, but it’s critical to make an effort. For your interview, find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted by children, pets, or other people working from home.

Plan for Limited Time

Even with face-to-face interviews, you always have to assume the interviewer has limited time. You want to make the most of it. Plan ahead of questions of your own as well as the best answers to important questions. Read the job description so you know how to frame your experience based on their specific needs. Make the most of your time so you’re memorable when they make the final decision.

Are you prepared for your next virtual interview?

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