Why It’s Good to be a Self-Starter in The Workplace

You’ve probably heard the term but have wondered what it means exactly. What is a self-starter? You know that employers value potential employees who demonstrate they’re self-starters, but no one ever seems to give a great definition. If you want to cultivate this skill to impress future employers, what should you be doing? Here’s a quick guide to being a self-starter.

Goal Setting

People are more likely to accomplish goals if they write them down. So goal setting is about more than just deciding what it is you want to accomplish. Take time to write down your goals along with the steps you need to take to accomplish them. When you set goals on the job, especially without being asked by your supervisor, you’re demonstrating that you take the process seriously and are willing to put in the work to achieve them.

Embrace Challenges

Not everything is going to be a cakewalk. You need to be able to embrace challenges head-on. That doesn’t mean the challenges won’t be difficult, but how you respond to the challenges will showcase your employer’s leadership skills. Even if you feel overwhelmed, take time to process those feelings, and tackle the problem logically.

Take Initiative

Your employer also wants to see you willing to take on tasks without being asked. Sometimes slacking is about being dissatisfied with the job, but other times it’s about a lack of motivation or the need to have someone give them an assignment. But if you see something, take on that task or talk to your supervisor about adding that task. They’ll see that you’re willing to take the initiative.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination can be a coping mechanism for many people, but it doesn’t demonstrate self-starting behavior. Don’t put things off to the last minute. There are several consequences to this, including less-than-quality work or the possibility of missing a deadline. It is problematic for your mental health as well. When you put things off to the last minute and rush to get them done, you’ve increased your stress levels without any purpose.

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