Quick Tips to Prevent Burnout in The Healthcare Field: Tips From Recruiters In DC

Professional burnout has always been a worry no matter what industry. But for healthcare workers, where the health or even the lives of others are at stake, the issue becomes critical. The issue was made abundantly clear throughout the crisis in 2020. We know that you’re feeling the pain of our collective crisis, and we want you to take time to care for yourself. As a healthcare professional, how do you identify the signs of burnout, and what can you do to prevent it? Our expert healthcare recruiters in Washington, DC, have tips.

Spotting Burnout

The first step is recognizing the issue. Burnout can cause you to feel unable or uninterested in going to work. You may find yourself checked out even while you’re on the job. You may even notice it in others and feel their negative emotions start to affect you. You may also start to notice physical symptoms including insomnia, a racing heart, or exhaustion.

Take Time Off

Our culture had a long history of undervaluing time away from the office. The pandemic may have changed some of our behavior, but not necessarily our perception. But the truth is time off from work helps you recharge and refresh. Taking your vacation time or personal days will give you a head start on preventing burnout.

Create Healthy Habits

Burnout can be curbed by focusing on healthy habits you can do daily. Start with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Relying on fast food or remaining sedentary outside of work can increase anxiety and depression, which can fuel frustration and burnout. Don’t allow yourself to stress eat on the job. Keep healthy snacks for when you’re hungry. And if you’re feeling low on energy, go for a walk rather than reaching for more coffee.

Build Good Sleep Routines

Good sleep is imperative to overall health. It’s easy to pay attention to all of the other aspects of healthy living, such as diet and exercise, but ignore sleep. And night shift or rotating shift workers will feel this even more. No matter your schedule, focusing on good sleep habits will help battle the feelings of burnout. If you can, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Don’t eat before bed and limit your screen time. A dark and cool room will also help you sleep.

Ask For Help

You don’t have to do this alone. Anxiety and stress can lead to career burnout if you aren’t able to address the issue. Talk to trusted friends or family members about what you’re feeling. You can also address these feelings with your boss, who may have suggestions for improvements. And if you’re still hitting roadblocks, talk to a professional to help you work through issues and rediscover the joy of your job.

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