Let the Nurses on your Team Know you Care! How to Celebrate International Nurses Day

If there was ever a year where nurses stood out worldwide, it was 2020 as the novel coronavirus caused a global health crisis. May 12th is International Nurses day, so you want to be prepared now to demonstrate your appreciation for your nursing staff. Here are just a few ways to show your gratitude to the nurses you’ve hired onto your team and celebrate the work they do every day.

Decorate Your Department

Brighten the department’s day by decorating the nurse’s station and hallways. As a bonus, it will also brighten the day of the patients who are in and out during the day. Use streamers, balloons, or other decorations to make the department fun.

Send Flowers

Since social distancing is still a key priority, sending flowers to your nursing team is a great way to show your appreciation. Choose spring flowers that will last a while with limited care. Or you can send a plant that they can have on their desk throughout the year.

Hallway Activities

A fun way to celebrate this year is to offer hallway activities. For example, set up a bulletin board with trivia questions that your nurses can answer throughout the day. Offer prizes for correct answers. Or share word puzzles that will challenge them and be fun.

Say Thank You on Social Media

Public recognition is a great way to honor your nursing staff for International Nurses Day. In the weeks leading up to the day, post a thank you to individual nurses by sharing how they strengthen your team. You can create templates that are easy to switch up with photos and text.

Host a Virtual Town Hall

International Nurses Day doesn’t have to be all fun and games. Host a listening session where you can hear what your nurses need from you. These town halls give you a chance to share your gratitude for what they do but also hear ideas that can help improve the work environment in the future.

How will you celebrate International Nurses Day this year? To learn more about healthcare staffing, contact NRI today.



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