Seeing High Employee Turnover? How to Fix the Most Common Causes

Employee turnover can be incredibly costly, but there is good news. Employee attrition like this can be mitigated with a few simple strategies to avoid problems that cause employees to leave. What are the most common reasons your employees quit and how can you make internal changes to limit turnover? Here is a closer look at employee turnover and how to limit the impact in the future.

Employee Dissatisfaction

If an employee isn’t happy with the job or engaged enough with the company, dissatisfaction will lead to their decision to look elsewhere. However, employee satisfaction is one of the easiest aspects of employment to change. Talk with your team regularly about how they feel on the job and work to make improvements to keep employees excited about the work they’re doing.

Issues with Coworkers

Some turnover occurs when employees don’t get along with their team. A good hiring process may be the best way to solve this concern. Incorporating the direct team into the interview process can give you an understanding of how these personalities will get along. However, if an employee reports a problem such as harassment with a coworker, it’s imperative to take it seriously.

Issues with Management

Employee problems with management can be a little more difficult. There will always be some level of a power differential between workers and managers, but this doesn’t have to breed animosity in the workplace. Management issues can be addressed through communication and trust. For example, one of the biggest complaints from dissatisfied workers is micromanagement. But trusting your team as skilled professionals is one step to ensure they feel responsible for their contributions.

Toxic Company Culture

Sometimes the problem can be much more systemic, which some companies have difficulty in admitting or addressing. Turnover caused by toxic culture can be impacted by unconscious bias, which leads to negative interactions based on various factors. However, companies who are seeing high turnover due to toxic environments need to take a step back and address the issues or they will consistently lose talent.

Better Money or Benefits

Many employees leave jobs to accept positions elsewhere with better money or benefits. This issue can be addressed in several ways. It can start by conducting research into the average salary packages offered to your company’s various positions and making a plan to adjust to being more competitive. Reviewing benefits is also helpful and doesn’t have to be limited to healthcare. Additional benefits such as more paid time off or flexible schedules can also help keep talent on board.

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