Why Becoming a Medical Assistant is a Great Option for Recent Graduates?

As the class of 2021 enters the workforce after graduation, many may find themselves searching for an ideal career path. If you’ve thought about a healthcare career, becoming a medical assistant may be a great option for recent graduates. This is a perfect way to start a professional career, gain experience, and grow in the medical industry. Let’s take a closer look.

Industry-wide Growth

Healthcare is a rapidly growing field. The need for new healthcare professionals will only continue to rise. Part of this increased need is due to the aging Baby Boomer population who now need more care. As one of the largest generations, baby boomer professionals are retiring en masse and require more medical services.

Ease of Entry Level

Unlike some other medical professionals, such as doctors or nurses, medical assistants can enter the field with relative ease. Most people enter the field by earning a medical assistant diploma that generally takes no longer than one year. Most programs have a blend of classroom and lab learning.

Work from Anywhere

When we say work from anywhere, we mean that medical assistants are in demand all over the country. If you want to relocate or even try temporary travel-based medical assignments, a medical assistant career may be a great opportunity. There are also plenty of specializations that need professionals, so you can choose the right area of healthcare for you.

Schedule Expectations

Unlike some other healthcare positions, medical assistants generally work regular schedules. If you need a predictable schedule due to family obligations or other activities, a medical assistant can provide that. Most medical assistants will work in a clinic schedule with set hours so you never have to worry about being on call at inconvenient times.

Long-Term Stability

There will simply always be a need for medical professionals at all levels that once you have begun a career as a medical assistant, you can find stability. Unlike some professions where technology is taking over at a fast pace, medical assisting will always be a hands-on job where patients count on in-person interaction.

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