Looking for a New Job? These Tips Will Help!

Are you looking for a new job but don’t know where to start? While it seems like finding a job is as easy as applying to online job ads, it is never quite that simple. Finding any job and finding the right job for you are two very different things, and it helps to be prepared before you begin your search. Here are some tips to help you find your next career opportunity.

Know What You Want

A job search truly starts before you begin applying for jobs. It’s important to know what you want. Start by making two lists:

  • Your experience, skills, and strengths
  • Your interests

Next, compare your lists. What cross-over is there between your experience and the things you want to do? This is a great way to determine how to target your job search.


Next, take time to look at businesses in your area that would be a good fit for the kind of job you want. It’s okay if they don’t have jobs available right now, go ahead and save their information so you can continue to follow them. That way, you can see when new positions become available right away.

Write a Great Resume

You also need to make sure your resume will attract the attention of employers. Review your current resume and update it to include your accomplishments. Companies today don’t just want to see a list of skills. They want to know how you used your skills to make your last employer successful. Be sure to include as much data as you can to show how you were an asset to your previous jobs.

Review Your Online Presence

Like it or not, companies will look you up online before contacting you about an interview. This is a perfect time to review your online presence to ensure that you’re not showcasing anything that could be problematic. Many people use Facebook for their private social media, so make sure your settings are secure. But check your profile photo and cover image since those are always public. Review your content on public sites, like Instagram or Twitter, to make sure that you’re projecting a professional image.


Along with applying for jobs online, your job search should also include networking. You can do this online through platforms such as LinkedIn. Connect to people in the industries where you want to work. Join local organizations and, as you can, attend networking events. Talk to anyone you meet about your job search. You never know when a new opportunity will come up.

Create Daily Goals

Job searches can be stressful, especially if they last a long time. So approach it like you would a job. Create daily goals so you can cross them off your task list once they’re accomplished. Make sure you are still taking time out for yourself while looking to keep your stress levels even.

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