Job Seekers: How to Recognize a Positive Company Culture

You’ve probably heard experts talking about company culture. What is it? It’s the combination of a company’s environment, values, mission, and employer brand. If you’re on the job hunt, you’re probably looking for a company that’s positive and exciting so you can see a future in their organization. Here are a few things to look for as you evaluate company culture while deciding on your next job.

Long Term Team Members

When you visit the company, are you introduced to people who have been there a long time? Or, do you see primarily people who have started the job recently? This is an essential question if it’s not something you can determine just by looking at the workplace. In your interview, go ahead and ask how long most employees stay on the job.

Clear Values and Mission Statement

Do you have to hunt to find a clear message about the company’s values or mission statement? Or, do you find contradicting ideas across their online platforms? You want to see a company that not only clearly states their values but also demonstrate them when you interact with them or visit their worksite.

Good Employee Interaction

When you’re at your interview, take a look at how employees interact with one another. Is there a front desk receptionist? How do employees treat that person? Are people friendly and smiling at one another? Does your interviewer exchange pleasantries with people they walk past or do they have their head down? You want to see a positive work environment.

Community Involvement

Recent job seeker studies have shown that employees want to work for organizations with positive relationships with the community. Look at what the company does in the area, including volunteer programs or donations to local groups. You may also see that people from the company may serve on boards of local organizations.

Diversity and Inclusion

A recent job seeker study showed that 42% of candidates would turn down a job offer from a company without a clear plan for diversity and inclusion. You can begin by looking at the workforce to see the level of diversity in the company. You should also ask questions about their inclusion and equality programs when you interview.

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