When Your LI Profile Should Match Your Resume

If you’re looking for a job, you’ve probably heard that being on LinkedIn is essential. But you may also look at the site and wonder what the difference is between LinkedIn and your resume. Should they match, or should they be different? What else is LinkedIn good for in terms of your job search? Here are a few tips to help you maximize LinkedIn beyond just a place to store your resume online.


There are many ways that a LinkedIn profile and resume are the same, and they should work together to accomplish your employment goals.


Both your resume and LinkedIn profile should include a summary of your skills. This is essentially an elevator pitch that gives the person enough information to convince them to keep reading or contact you. A summary should mention accomplishments to show why you are an excellent candidate to contact.


The overall focus on both LinkedIn and a resume are to provide an overview of you as a candidate. The focus on both is ultimately the same, regardless of the differences between the specific platforms. You want to show that you’re a good, professional candidate.


Both LinkedIn and your resume need to incorporate keywords. Keywords are the way information is found through a search. Companies use applicant tracking systems that keywords can search, so you want your resume to match. The same is true on LinkedIn in the same way you might search Google.


The differences between these two employment tools also allow them to work in concert with one another as you continue your job search.

One LinkedIn Profile

With your resume, you may have multiple versions for different facets of your experience. But there is only one LinkedIn profile, so you need to incorporate everything in your information. As you’ll see below, that’s perfectly acceptable with LinkedIn.

Social Tone

While it’s a professional networking site, LinkedIn is a type of social networking like Facebook or Twitter. It’s meant to connect professionals, so you can use it like any other social media by posting regular updates. Just keep it professional.

More Encompassing

Unlike a resume, which should be just a snapshot, your LinkedIn profile should include almost everything. You want it to be more encompassing. For example, the rule of thumb for a resume is only to go back ten years. But your LinkedIn profile can include all of your professional experience.

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