A Career as a Paralegal: Types of Litigation Software You Should Know

There is a lot to being a successful paralegal. You need to have several skills, be comfortable with aspects of the law, and be organized and reliable. But there are a few additional skills you can pick up to make you a more desirable candidate for legal offices. Here are a few types of litigation software you should know before applying for your next paralegal position.


Every law office needs a good calendar program. The one you or your firm will choose will be a personal decision, but make sure the calendar is sharable and easy to use. Input everything on the shared calendar so everyone can easily see potential conflicts.


Billable hours are an essential part of any law firm. That means you should know how to use the billing software correctly. There are many types of billing programs available. You may come into a firm with an established process, or you can help them choose or develop a system.

Document Management

You’ll also need to know the document management system your law firm uses. This helps you and other team members stay organized with the necessary documents for every client.


Hand in hand with document management is cybersecurity. You may work with an outside company to provide this service, but you want to understand how it works so you can share that information with potential clients worried about their personal data.


Most court systems today use e-filing software. If you’re responsible for filing court documents for your firm, you’ll need to be familiar and comfortable with the various e-filing systems used in your area.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is part of your firm’s matter management system. This is the software that helps law firms manage all aspects of their corporate legal business. Understanding back-office systems are as essential as any client-based legal information.

Legal Research and Citations

There are many places legal professionals turn to conduct online legal research and create citations for memos and other communications. Westlaw and LexisNexis are the two most common tools used.

Transcript Management

You may also need to manage transcripts from court cases, meetings, and other recorded interactions. Having the right software that manages transcription and legal compliance is essential to protecting this information.

Trial Presentation

For firms that present in court, staff members must know how to utilize trial presentation software to ensure that things go smoothly in court. This includes preparation and the running of presentations.

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