Employee Recognition That Really Works

Employee recognition has never been more critical. As companies in all industries see challenges in hiring and retention, it’s essential that employees feel appreciated to increase engagement and satisfaction. Recognizing your employees’ contributions is necessary, but it doesn’t end there. Everyone to know they’re a valued member of the team. How can you ensure that your company is positively rewarding employees and keeping them happy on the job? Here are just a few things for you to keep in mind.

Make It Personal

When a reward is generic, it lacks the motivation factor. It isn’t fun or exciting, and employees can feel like management is simply phoning it in. Employees may believe it doesn’t matter how much effort they apply because everyone gets the same pat on the back. Instead, personalize your recognition program so every employee feels represented and appreciated.

Aim for Long-Term Satisfaction

It’s okay to reward your team when they finish a major project, but you also want to appreciate them for everything on the job, not just extraordinary achievements. Without positive reinforcement, they can focus more on interpreting management silence as negative. Showing gratitude in the workplace is contagious, and not only will you see a marked difference in your employees’ performance, but you’ll also see a positive culture build.

Avoid Predictability

Many companies rely on “Employee of the Month” rewards, which are a nice gesture, but they begin to feel repetitive after a while. They’re not motivating if the employee sees and expects the same things each month. Get creative and practice random rewards and acts of kindness. Since it’s unpredictable, people get excited about the possibilities.

Emphasize Fun

You also want to make your workplace somewhere everyone wants to work. It doesn’t have to always be heads-down with no enjoyment. Plan fun things into the work week which have nothing to do with good performance. It will keep everyone engaged and interested in coming back to work each week because they genuinely like the environment.

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