How do You Become a Legal Assistant?

Are you thinking about becoming a legal assistant? What does the role entail, and is it the same thing as being a paralegal? Before starting your job search, it’s good to know a few basics that will help you find and land an excellent legal assistant position. Here are some requirements and experience that hiring managers are looking for in legal assistants for their firm.


The minimum educational experience for legal assistants is to have an associate’s degree, sometimes in paralegal studies or a related field. However, most employers prefer to hire assistants who have a bachelor’s degree. These are intended to provide a thorough background in legal support, including writing and the different types of law. Though, don’t think you’ll be counted out if you have any other degree. There are a lot of transferable skills from any focus.


Most employers want to see people with previous experience in a legal setting. You can obtain this by accepting internships in law firms, government agencies, public defenders offices, or corporate legal departments. These will be great resume builders to help you find your first professional legal assistant job. Many certifications require internships.


Find out more about legal certification for administrative assistants, support staff, or paralegals to help get more credentials in the industry. The best resource is your state’s bar association. You will follow the program, complete any requirements, and pass the certification exam so you can include that on your resume.


What skills should you bring to the table that legal employers want to see?

  • Legal terminology
  • Legal writing such as memos and briefs
  • Legal software such as LexisNexis.
  • Case management and organization

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